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Incredibly awesome 2D bag from aliexpress  for £11.30 free shipping.

Okay so a few points about this:

Firstly, this wasn’t the colour scheme I ordered. I wanted pink and purple to go with my real hair and wig I purchased but unfortunately I got sent pink and blue. I cant be bothered to wait another 2 months to get another one back though, so if you’re going to buy from this seller make sure to add an extra note making it as clear as possible which colours you’d like. Or you could order from a different seller as there’s quite a few now selling these types of bags.

 The quality is really great, it seems very well made, the straps seem pretty strong and it just looks so freaking cool ^o^

I also got sad because I didn’t think it could hold very much but then my smarty pants fiancé realised there was a zip on the bottom to expand it which makes it perfect. There’s several other pockets and such, meaning this is a real Mary Poppins bag, IT FITS SO MUCH ITS UNREAL.

There are all sorts of colours and designs out there, even backpacks. Everyone needs one of these bags so we can turn the whole world into one big cartoon n.n 

overall 10/10 even if the colours are wrong. The design and the quality tops all.

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    I noticed these bags have been getting more popular so here’s my review!
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Hello there ^.^
I post reviews of cheap clothes I buy so everyone can look cute as hell no matter their budget.
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