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Frilly shorts from ebay for $3.14!

Here’s a picture from the site:

The ones I received are pretty much exactly the same, except mine are a slightly darker pink. Only issue is mine look so different on because well, they’re kinda not designed for bigger people. They only do one size which they state will fit an xs-m. I’d be considered a medium-large (I’m a UK size 10)  but they’re stretchy and only $3 (!!!?!?!?!) so I risked it.

They fit comfortably, but because I’m bigger than the intended wearer it changes the look of the shorts. Instead of being frilly and a little loose they become tight and lacy which I actually quite like. So if you the same size as me and don’t mind how they look on me then you definitely need a pair. If you;re slimmer then you also need a pair BECAUSE $3 PRETTY LACY FRILLY SHORTS!! You can also pull them up to be highwaisted.

They’re also a little see through (yes you can probably tell, I shouldn’t have worn dark panties ;n;) but other than all that they arrived amazingly quick (only took about 5 days), they were in perfect condition and I’m probably gonna get one of every colour … ;//;

Genuine Amuse Alpacasso bag from Otakumode! It’s $16.99 but you can get $5 off it (or anything else on the store) by signing up via this link ^-^

So here’s the picture on the site

and what I received was exactly as pictured.

It came nicely packaged and in perfect condition (she’s very soft and fluffy :3). I took about a week and a half to arrive which is slap bang in the middle of the usual 1-2 week wait.

These alpaca bags should really be renamed purses because they do only fit, as the site says, a phone or wallet or some make up so if you’re going to get one just keep that in mind! All the bags are zip close so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out (also means yo can attach cute charms to the zip)

I was also worried she would be a fake but she come’s with her little tags and after doing a little research I can’t see anything suspicious about her so I can conclude confidently that they are the real deal.

One thing I was concerned about is the bow around her neck come loose or falling off but it’s really secure!

This design also come in lavender, white and rose.

Overall $11.99 for an adorable plush that you can use as a bag is a pretty sweet deal especially considering I had no problems at all with any part of the process.

Thank you for reading ^n^ 

Gonna try and find the time tomorrow to review my new shorts and alpaca bag and go through my back log of reviews ^-^

Hey guys, I just ordered the lavender alpaca bag! It’s $16.99 but I got it for $6.99 n.n so review when it arrives! I can’t wait ;//;
You can get $5 off anything on the site by using this link to sign up!
The site is pretty cheap so $5 comes in handy :3

My gorgeous new shoes from!
They were £45 but I got them for £40.50 as you get a 10% discount code when you sign up for their newsletter.
Next day orders over £35 are free right now too!
And they did indeed arrive the next day which I was very happy about.
So onto the shoes! They’re absolutely perfect. They look exactly the same as in the pictures and they weren’t at all damage when they arrived. Even if they were the site offers free UK returns which is amazing.
They’re not as difficult to walk in as I thought they’d be and I’m not at all used to heels so if you do wear heels often these should be easy to walk in. They hurt a little but that’s because they’re a little small. (I’m a 5 1/2 UK and these are a 5. They didn’t have a 6 so I knew they’d be a little small)
They have laces but also a nice little zip at the side for easy access. The pink material is a nice kind of suede so they should be pretty durable too.
Considering shoes like this are generally £100 and over these are an absolute bargain and they’re so pretty so get to it if you want a pair because I imagine they’re selling fast as not many sizes were left!
Overall 1000000000/10 because there is absolute no fault with these. The service and site themselves are great and I’ll definitely be ordering from them in the future.
Thanks for reading n.n

unicornamalthea Asked:
i absolutely love your reviews, especially since aliexpress is one of my favorite places to shop 0-0 keep on doing what youre doing! ;0

My answer:

Awh thank you so much cutie! n.n

Statement dress from Aliexpress! I bought it for $5.99 but it’s currently up at $5.69 with free shipping ^-^

Not typically what I go for but I thought hey, its cheap and different, and VERY eye catching. 

It arrived on good time and was undamaged. The quality is perfect, it’s super soft. The stitching seems pretty great and durable.

It is quite short and if you have big boobies like me the top half might become a bit see through. But even though it stretches quite a lot over my top half it doesn’t look wonky and weird which is great n.n

Overall 10/10. It looks exactly like what the picture showed and I can’t find any fault in it.

beautiful-killler Asked:
Thanks for following me, I think your blog is really awesome and you have really good taste in clothes ^_^

My answer:

Thank you so much cutie ^-^!

Which meanssssss …
More money for more clothes for more reviews ^o^
Keep your eyes peeled. I do have some backed up stuff I need to post but I need a day off to do that first ;-;
Also I have some mega cheap stockings on the way to review.
I’m also going to do a post about how muh you can fit in the 2D bags as I’ve had a few questions about it.
As always, until then you can follow my main blog sexphisticuted for lots more fashion and other cute things. I also check back for any questions anyone may have.
See you soon! ^-^


Shopjeen have added to their array of Pokemon crops from o-mighty.

These to are for preorder at $45 a piece.

Mew Jigglypuff 

I posted some other o-mighty pokemon stuff here

Hello there ^.^
I post reviews of cheap clothes I buy so everyone can look cute as hell no matter their budget.
Feel free to ask me anything, I'll do my best to help ^-^

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